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Candle LED Light

Candle LED Light

We really appreciate your interest in our candle LED light.

Our candle LED light is also called new type smokeless candle lamp. It is candle-shaped electric lamp, and won't produce smoke or other carcinogen. So our worldwide customers can feel secure in using it.

The candle LED light has high energy efficiency. With two rechargeable AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries, it can be used continuously for more than 12 hours.

Our candle LED light should be avoided to be used in heat source and closed environments, otherwise its service life will be shortened.

The candle LED light can be widely used in show windows, restaurants, wine bars, gardens, ships, courtyards, and other places to create romantic atmosphere you desire.

Technical Parameters
Product size: 39*149mm
Power: 3W
Color: warm white or natural white
Input voltage: AC100-240V
Drive current: 3W 700mA constant current
Luminous flux: 3W 130LM
Materials of lamp body: 6063 pure aluminum
Materials of lamp shell: glass
Color of lamp shell: silvery
Temperature rise: surface temperature of lamp body is less than 60℃.
Service life: 50000 hours
Gross weight: 65g
Net weight: 50g

Valid period of the offer: one month
Color of lamp shell: natural white, warm white, red, yellow, blue and green are available.

Ke Min Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a leading candle LED light manufacturer in China, is proficient at designing, manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of PTC thermistor, AC capacitor, LED lighting, and more.

Due to stable performance and economical prices, our LED light is well accepted by customers from China Taiwan, China Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America.

If you have any LED light need, please pick up your phone and give us a call now. We are ready to serve you.

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