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PTC Resettable Fuse

PTC Resettable Fuse

We welcome you to visit this page on our PTC resettable fuse.

This page details the performance and specification, etc. of our PTC resettable fuse. The following will enable you to understand our PTC resettable fuse better.

Working Principles
The PTC resettable fuse is connected in series circuit. When the circuit operates well, it is in the state of low resistance. When short circuit happens or super large current is connected into circuit, it will be in the state of high resistance to protect the circuit. After unusual conditions disappear, the PTC resettable fuse will be back to the state of low resistance.

Our PTC resettable fuse has a wide range of applications, which are specified as follows.
1. Electrical equipment
It can be used in power suppliers, ballast resistors, battery chargers, home appliances, and other electrical equipment.

2. Electronic products
It is suitable for computers, automotive electronics, and more.
3. Communication equipment
It can be applied to switchboards, telephones, GPS equipment, etc.
4. It is also used in control systems of transformers, motors, micromotors, and more.

Introduction of Product Model
Ih: max working current of WHPTC element under 25 ℃ environment temperature.
It: minimum protection current for the starting of WHPTC element under 25℃ environment temperature.
V maxi: maximum voltage on the WHPTC element under the blocking state.
P dmax: consumed power of WHPTC element under working condition.
R min: initial minimum resistance value before WHPTC element begins to work.
R max: initial maximum resistance value before WHPTC element begins to work.
V max: maximum working voltage of WHPTC element.
I max: maximum current on WHPTC element

The normal working current is determined by environment temperature and reduction factor. The formula is Ih = average working current in circuit/ reduction factor.

Users should refer to Ih and maximum working voltage of equipment to choose the suitable PTC resettable fuse

Dimensional Drawing

Ke Min Company, as a China based professional PTC resettable fuse manufacturer, is consistently engaged in the research, development and production of NTC thermistor, AC capacitor, high voltage ceramic capacitor, LED lighting, and more.

Our products are manufactured in strict accordance with the standards of ISO9001. They are well accepted by customers from China Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, etc, as a result of their reliable performance and affordable prices.

If you are looking for our products, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to serve you.

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