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PTC Thermistor

PTC Thermistor

WMZ12A PTC thermistor is a new protective device against overheating and overcurrent. It has properties of no electric shock danger, no noise and no spark, and has functions of automatic protection and automatic recovery.

Working Principles
The working principle diagram of WMZ12A PTC thermistor is shown in the picture below. In the following text, we will detail it for you.

When circuit operates well, the electric current which passes through PTC thermistor is lower than maximum non-operating current of PTC thermistor. In this state, the thermistor has low resistance value, and it won't affect the normal operation of circuit.

When circuit encounters overheating, overcurrent or other unusual conditions, PTC thermistor will appear high resistance value. This enables the circuit to be in the off state, thus avoids damage towards circuit.

When the unusual conditions are gone and the electric current is normal, PTC thermistor will return to the state of low resistance value and the circuit will go back to normal state.

The acting characteristics of thermistor relates to its working temperature. This is shown in the following picture.

Numbering System

1. Series: WMZ12-for over-current/over-heat protection
2. Switch Temp Type: 85-85℃, 105-105℃, 120-120℃
3. Disc Size: S-Φ3, B-Φ7, M-Φ10, SL-Φ13, LL-Φ20
4. Zero Power Resistance: 151-150Ω, 82R-82Ω, 4R7-4.7Ω, R22-0.22Ω, R06-0.06Ω
5. Tol. of Resistance: N-±30%, M-±20%, K-±10%, J-±5%, V-±25%, X- else
6. Max. Non-operating Current: 060=60m A, 300=300m A
7. Shape of Leads: S-Straight, U-In-formed, D-Disk (No Lead)

Ke Min Company is a professional PTC thermistor manufacturer located in China. Our products mainly include thermistor, LED lighting, and high voltage ceramic capacitor.

We are located in Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province. Our convenient transportation translates into affordable shipping cost for our customers.

For any inquires, please contact us via email or contact addresses available on this website. We look forward to working with you.

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