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PTC Thermistor

PTC Thermistor

Ke Min Company sincerely hopes to cooperate with you. We are a primary PTC thermistor manufacturer located in China.

Our WMZ11A positive temperature coefficient thermistor, which is also called WMZ11A PTC thermistor, is mainly made of a doped polycrystalline ceramic containing barium titanate (BaTiO3) and other compounds. Its resistance value increases with the increasing temperature.

It should be stressed that WMZ11A PTC thermistor will cause power consumption. However, a matching PTC thermistor can reduce this kind of consumption. To solve this problem, we provide various kinds of WMZ11A series PTC thermistor for our global customers to choose from. As we know, PTC preheat starting technology lies in the mating of PTC with Ballast/CFL. Our WMZIIA series PTC thermistor almost have the corresponding product for any kinds of ballast/CFL.

Our WMZ11A PTC thermistor, ceramic capacitor, LED light, and other products are manufactured in strict accordance with the standard of ISO. So our worldwide customers can trust their quality.

In addition, we also promise to offer you satisfying after service. If you have any WMZ11A PTC thermistor need, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for visiting our website!

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