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High Power NTC Thermistor

High Power NTC Thermistor

Thank you for visiting our website! Ke Min Company is a professional high power NTC thermistor manufacturer in China. We sincerely hope to serve you.

Our high power NTC thermistor is mainly used to convert power or UPS power. It also can control and convert all kinds of high power set lights and electrical heaters.

1. Our high power NTC thermistor is mounted with CMOS chip to prevent overheating.
2. It operates under l2A-40A steady current.
3. It can control the current and sustain a steady current.

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Since our foundation, Ke Min Company have been consistently dedicated to providing our global customers with high quality high power NTC thermistor, AC capacitor, high voltage ceramic capacity, and other products.

To accomplish this, we implement a series of quality control measures. We strictly manufacture our products in accordance with the standards of ISO. Also, quality inspections are carried out at every step of production, from raw material acquisition to the shipping of our finished products, to ensure their quality passing rate.

So, our customers can feel secure in inquiring and purchasing our superior quality products. For any needs you have about our high power NTC thermistor, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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